moves that make me


I feel .. uh

I feel .. m-mm

So good, y'all

So good, y'all .. yeah

I feel .. huh

I feel .. ha-ha

I feel good, y'all

So good, y'all

Hey, yo, put it together Piece by piece

Life as a puzzle, stay supple Release

It take a couple a thoughts, let's bubble

Abandon trouble, negative speech make it crumble

I speak each My dream, black beach

Livin' like the sheik My queen, fly physique

I leave the concrete world behind

Retreat to the forest, free up my mind [ugh]

It's like a cake, to bake it take time

I make my livin', celebrate makin' my strides

Know what it is, I wanna have a couple kids

I'd be a good daddy livin' prosperous

My esophagus how I spark with this

North Star shinin' during the Apocalypse

That's how I do, prayin' that God bring me through


I finish between two mountain peaks

I seen a few fountains within reach

My all-natural pace is set held a gambla

Place his bet on, Me

How to make a livin, head on straight

Fit the pieces to the puzzle

Put your bread on the plate

To eat your 'nother strugglin' fate

This mara-thon's on chaira (???)

Moment of yourself with yourself as you prepare to jump

There's the thump I hit the head of the nail

I'm Ready to sail, Grouch is not designed to fail

My outfit is a**igned to yell

Final destination, man, only time will tell

[Hook - Grouch]

Maybe you gotta make it last longer

Look a bit farther

Push yourself harder study get stronger overcome hunger

Victorious livin' make it or give in

Whether you gotta Help it last longer

Look a bit farther Push yourself harder

Study, get stronger Overcome hunger

Victorious livin' Make it, or give in


I make my moves make moves that make me

And take from the energy that breaks the fakes

Seen the straight path lately

It keeps me focused, afloat through this showbiz and note that

Most is a hope that we dreamed when it seemed like a joke

Man it's close when we toast this place We got to

We say we ought to But who talks sh**?

Thought of it think quick, never followed it through


In my world I'm the president with ten cents

Spent on sentiments, pence intelligence is a quota

It only makes good sense cause it make ignorance a little shorter

Spend a half-dollar of your pa**ion

Pa** the cash cause now you askin'

But I put a whole bill up on the faithful

Cause when it get real hard you need a crate full

Helpin' you stable-ize yourself, energize your health

I livin live that provide the wealth

I stay stealth in the silence With an abundant flow

Cause what you give is what you get, and now you know

[Hook - Grouch]


I don't want to plateau out I'm through the backdoor

I think o' days when I only had one though

Bask in the sun, got my own piece o' earth now

Tellin' Larissa that forever's gonna work out

I never work out and seldom eat healthy

I look towards my peers and some of them do help me

It takes years to master the mind and body

To never pa** my prime

I'm out ..


Where I dont wanna be dead cause I wanna go and get

This livin' they was talkin' about

I caught fools is livin' in debt

When we havin' these doubts

And circumstances is turnin' fools out

But I never make the same mistake twice

I shake the same lies

And patternize to live this life right

The question that I'm askin' is, what's satisfaction?

Money or time?

Well, if time is money then I must be a mogul of a millionaire

But now I'm still livin' local and it's crystal clear

Man, I put that on my vocals; this time next year

I'mma be bicoastal, bumpin' in your borough

Bet, B.I.B

Borough on a path, man; I practice

I pa**ed this baton beyond the songs you know and love

Twenty years from now I'll be Josh of the jazz club

Freakin' the bra** while you fiendin' for a**

I'll ask a question is the lesson and the answer is Direction

What you need in life

I broke it down into sections that you feel is right

I break it down into sections that you know is tight