zubin hensler
farthest distance iris

Broken jaw of a cartoon artist

Fight a war for word-space in the captions

140 characters to say it all

12,000 miles of spaces in between

I never listened to what the thunder said… [4 Time]

A million miles or more in a minute

You'll never know the needle in the haze

Forget-me-nots forgotten before May

Dry stones in April, no sounds of water

Drip drip drop

We are the farthest distance apart… [4 Time]

And then in the night, ethereal rumors

Waver in the light, it's too soon to know it all

Cause and then he's out, a force with no direction

Dry stones, no sounds, water from the wasteland

Reckless daring in a moment of a surrender

Which a thousand words of prudence can't take back

Retrace your footsteps and all of your pixel counts

The palace and the prison keep on getting built

Back to back

We are the farthest distance apart… [6 Time]