paralyzed feat tweak


I'm drinkin' whiskey out the bottle

Devil on my caudal

Rev the engine throttle

To get me away

I feel I've sunk into the bottom

Feelin' sorrow

Prayin' that I see tomorrow

But these skies are gray!


I'm so paralyzed...

I can no longer move an inch...

I'm so paralyzed...

Can I break free from this grip?

I'm so paralyzed(x4)

Like a deer in the headlights

Hopin' to move but intoxicated by the fright, he might lose his life!

[Verse 1:Zoetic]

Feeling paralyzed..

Got me counting nine lives...

Cause this cats on his last leg, this could be his last day, livin' off of borrowed time

Overcome this mountain climb, strugglin' to write a rhyme

Committing all these crimes

Might have to pull a columbine

Cause his minds sicker than swine

And he drowns his thoughts in wine

Lying to his mind tells himself he's doing fine

Stay on the grind

Stackin' up them bucks

Keep writin' songs, and keep pumpin' trucks

But these days are so mundane

Makes me wanna go insane

And make my brain see brains

Scattered on the windowpane

Thats the true meaning of pain

Its a god damn shame

Growin' up as a believer forced to be a bottom feeder

Just to try to make ends meet

Hustlin' d** in the street

I just might get my a** beat

See my body on the scene

Chalked up white over that green

I just wanna smoke some weed

So i give into the puff smoke, now i'm flat broke

My homies be them cutthroats that'll cut you up like fresh coke

Always thinkin' bout money

How to make this life more bloody

Cause these skies is never sunny

See these grey clouds all above me

Somebody help me


[Verse 2:Zoetic]

Starin' a whole in the floor

Try to open all these doors

I can't feel my legs no more

Paralyzed i've lost control

Movin' slow, thru meadows

Crawl through the valley of d**h

Movin' prone i try my best until i got nothin' left, yes

No, I don't know, but i feel I gots to go

Tryna hold on to the flow

Somebody said reap what you sow

Thats why i'm out here doin' shows

Paranoia eats me up, i wish i some friends or hoes

To the point it got me screamin'

Is this real or am I dreamin'?

I f**ed this life up so much I don't think theres a chance of redeeming

Myself, maybe start over and just myself

But f** that, slittin' ya wrists and jumpin' off a bridge

Cause a real man would use a gun

Then there'd be no chance of not gettin' the job done

Cause were self destructive

Im just tryna make life productive

But i'm oppressed by corruption

Government funds ebol population control

I should do the world a solid and just help it, f** it