[Verse 1:Zoetic]

It all starts with a dream, new way of makin that green

Ill paint a scene for you listeners, that may seem quite extreme

It was the start of the summer, he just got out of the county

He met a couple people doing life for catching a hounny

Sometimes the money is flooding, sometimes its empty and gutted

But to make it in life, you gotta be cold-blooded

So he set on a journey, nothin less he'd ever settle

To make the quickest come-up, that would shake the whole ghetto

And have it poppin like a kettle, put the pedal to the medal

Liven life in the fast lane, from makin them d** slang

He wasn't reppin no gang, but he still felt like the man

He kept the thugs entertained, from selling that work

Puttin haters in a hearse with that pistol under his shirt

Wave it out the window, skkkrrrrtt! stand still you end up murked!

Cause life ebbs and it flows, thats just the way that it goes

Started off wit a bean, and ended up wit a beam

He would play his own music, to the sounds of the screams

Mixing that sprite wit that lean, another midnight summers dream

[Hook:Samples(Biggie, Ocki Gadaffi, Logic, Tech N9ne, Zoetic)

It was all a dream…

I wanted all the money…

b**h i made it…

Man im dreamin i can't believe it…

b**h i made it…

It all starts with a dream…

[Verse 2:Zoetic]

So he met up with his bunkie that bailed out of the pod

Livin they're dream on the streets, his life was like a facade

Seein that gold in the distance, looking like a mirage

They played to scenes in their head like the sounds of an iPod

It was stashed, in they're garage, he said the job, wasn't too hard

Just a bunch of frat boys that all played with theyre guitars

It was a simple robbery, of a weed commodity

Ten bricks piled up, all the way to the ceiling

All they had to do was wear a mask and walk into the building

And be strapped up to the max

But calm and relaxed, is not what this man was feeling

He already caught two charges

He was on his second strike

In the bottom of the ninth his own life he would sacrifice

For just a slice of the pie, three and a third pound cut

Part of him wanted to burn it down, all in one dutch

But it was never enough! so they met up after lunch

They had it all mapped out, looked over the blueprints

He couldn't refuse this, to the sounds of the music

They all had a separate role, and they made a good team

Of what was the beginning and the ending of a hustler's dream


[Verse 3:Zoetic]

It was twilight when they rolled up

Getting they're last minute smoke up

A hold up, loading the ratchets with hollow tips

He took the blunt and pa**ed it

He exhaled slowly looking at his surroundings

Reflecting on his dark past and how now its astounding

They had it all set up, selling they're come up at whole sale

Thirty five for each brick, that would make they're pockets swell

They could feel the adrenaline sweating out of their pores

So they ran up to the porch and he kicked down the door

Stepping into the house, and the odor was strong

They found their victims sitting on the couch, hitting the bong

One of them coughed up smoke, muf**a was boutta choke

He put the gun to his throat and he gave it a good poke!

No words needed be said, the kids knew why they were there

He called up to the stairs, but no one was there

So they bodied em on the spot and none of them seemed to care

The kid stared at his fallen corpse, making sure he was dead

Then he snatched the key from his pocket and opened their shed

But what he found on the inside made his face turn red

It was all cleaned out, they were there for no reason

Now he started to feel like his life didn't have any meaning

He stormed up to the kid, staring a hole in the floor

Screaming “speak the f** up and just cough up the gold!”

He said a kid broke into the house and stole it the night before

He looked up at the ceilin, he thought for sure he was dreaming

Through an act of treason his life had no meaning

And i know this ain't a dream, cause that person was me

So just be careful what you wish for cause these dreams ain't free!