rest in peace

Disease ridden corpse

Half dead, half alive

Night falls, the devil calls

Shrapnel in my eyes

A torrid yell

Of war is hell

As agony prevails

A deadly ma**

A sonic blast

A fog of acid rain


You'll never come again

You want this hell to end

Your fight is to be free

So rest in peace

Asleep from all the pain

A faded memory

Safely sound to sleep

So rest in peace

With shattered minds

The thought of d**h comes as relief

Close your eyes and silence falls

d**h is what we seek

A k**ing force

With no remorse

With mental health of gla**

With suicide

He takes his life

Finally free at last


One through the skull

Take it right through the head

A smoking gun

Smell of freedom in the air

k**ing you is k**ing me

War, it just ain't fair

Watch them die, one by one

And no one really cares