acid wrap

[Verse 1: navagnaes]

Whaaaaaaaaat (2x)

My libido and my ego are both one in the same

When I stick my penis in your ear and come in your brain

Lyrics lethal like h**n needles cutting your veins

Until the blood inside those motherf**ers bubbles and drains

Seeping through your comforters in puddled remains

Until your mother comes and discovers your covers with stains (ahhhh)

Then she shutters and stutters, utters something, mutters and faints

Abruptly swallows her tongue like she's guzzling paints

This is the mind of a sick f**

I'm just trying to get under your skin just like an episode of Nip/Tuck

Cutting in like a bishop, diagonal

As I spit like bullets out the gun from The Jackal

My mind has been devised inside a Leviathan

If opposites attract, how come God and the Devil aren't united then?

Buying ten psilocybin caps I swallow like vitamins

I'm high again, flying with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds


I used to dream

But now my nightmares are taking over

And now I scream

And it will be light years before this is over

[Verse 2: navagnaes]

Thank you for the first verse, sir, may I please have another? (thank you)

I'll read you lullabies while you sodomize each other

I apologize, but I can't be your lover (sorry)

Even though my dick's as long as Atom Heart Mother

It wraps around, all the way down, and goes under (it does)

Then drops to the ground, and sounds like loud thunder

She gives me so much goddamn brain, she feels dumber

As I sit there saying, "yeahhhhh," like Bill Lumbergh

You wanna talk about my background, check my desktop

In a Lexus, jerking off at a rest stop

As bombs are dropping on more countries than Epcot

Kids are pretending to do that sh** at home on Xbox (yeah)

My rhymes are better than s**

I'll smother any motherf**er

Like Oedipus Rex

Cutting off several heads and severing necks

After delivering each line like Federal Express


[Verse 1: navagnaes]

I'm living life to the fullest

So I play Russian Roulette

And fill up the chamber with six bullets

Aiming outside at my neighbors who pick tulips

And start spraying, grazing their faces and thick mullets

Screaming Happy Halloween (happy)! We just swallow weed

Until our food starts talking to us like it's Aqua Teen (hi)

See me following the blondie in the aqua green?

I'd like performing in her body like the Na**au Colosseum (yeah)

Yes, I'm better than Elvis

Two-stepping in leather 'till I sever my pelvis

Sipping on liquor after I spark one joint

And the tip of my dick is becoming Montauk Point

You heard without a doubt that I burrow b**hes out

And then make a mess like someone was just murdered in the house

I leave 'em with enough puddles to curb another drought

Cause my s**m is burning bushes like the Sermon on the Mount

I use no rubbers and lose phone numbers

And I don't stutter when I spit game, I flow butter

But I won't touch a virgin like resulting soaked covers

If more blood occurs

Than when stuck under a couple boat rudders

Offset the pace, I can crawl in this race

And still be waiting at the finish taking saws to your face

We all wanna mouth off 'till our jaw f**ing breaks

Cause God made the Devil, but we all make mistakes!

(Chorus 2x)

Blackout (ZENSEI)

And it will be lightyears before this is over