zebra print
ski trip

[Hook: Stevie McFly]

We're going on a ski trip

We're going on a ski trip

Got them crazy white girls and we're going on a ski trip

Christina got me turnt up

Lucy make me see sh**

Molly got me rolling

Yeah, we're going on a ski trip

[Verse 1: Zebra Print]

I'm worried now because I can't feel my face

Skiing down slopes, I'm God's disgrace

Got pills, got bud, and a cup of drank

Doming down coke right to the brain

Slap me, dogg, cause I'm feeling numb

Got the white, man, it's on my gums

Shaking, boy, like Parkinson's

I'mma bring a ho and you know her, know her

Like I'm 'bout to build an ark or something

Ooh-ee, we're going dumb

Shaking dreads, yeah, little ones

Keep a record, keep a record

See how many lines this n***a run

My pockets empty, I f**ed my funds

Anything for a little fun

At the least? At the least?

Keep a six around me like hexagons

Gina, yeah yeah, that's my shorty

Hug the white, don't take it from me

Hit the lights, I'm seeing funny

Snowboards and snowbunnies

We hit the slopes in fours, homie

That was dumb

Crash course and now I'm jonesin'

Now I'm jonesin'

I power it up and release

I'm a Street Fighter, I hadouken

This here's a drug of choice

Man, f** with us; yo, what you usin'?


[Verse 2: Stevie McFly]

Going, going, going, going, going on a ski trip

I'm flyer than this beat is

I'm higher than a climber in the Peeksk**s

Be chill

Got fire and some clean bills

A mirror and some chicks too

Got six brews, my sick crew

We turnt up to trip-six, dude


White girl up my nose, man

Like I'm sniffing f**ing Starbucks and the ocean

Bring your friends

And let them bring their friends

And they gon' get naked

Bug out tonight and bring the f**ing day in

f** with me, fam

Line up the Mia Wallace, I say goddamn!

McFly is the man

Feel like a brolic, psychotic alcoholic with grams

Wilin' out to Flocka with my squad splitting bricks, mane

I can light your fire cause a n***a known to spit flame

Sick dames on my dick, mang, giving sick brain

Crazy off that white girl, call a n***a Rick James


[Verse 3: Most Golden]

In the night, you wait on my arrival

That a** is looking vital

Her titties are a rival

I'm saying, white girl in my nose

That sh** got me all the way

You look mad

If you hate

Purple smoke up in your face

BL∆CK SH∆DE COMPLEX if you're with me

If you see us coming, we'll be blowing down your city

[Zebra Print]


Coke funneled through my nose, I'm gone

Girls rolling on the floor, they gone

[Verse 3.5: Most Golden]

Girl, you barely even know

Daylight comes out the window

You taste, but you cannot believe

And so I say: