zach van dyck
innocent romance

:Let's go back to the start where we first met

And the things about you I couldn't forget

Talked about heading south back to town

We'd make this work even if you weren't around

I thought your heart was locked and I had the key

But there's so many things I didn't see

I thought you'd be fine as long as you had me

Never knew what you'd turn out to be

Saw your true colors as a shade of grey

With fake feelings flowing through your veins

All the champagne and Jane you use to escape

Will take what we have and seal your fate

We hold on to the feeling of what we had

And it burns away with each cigarette

We let our minds start to wander

There's nothing left but smoke on water

Smoke on water


I tried and you tried

There's so much that you hide

I'm not giving up on you now


I know I'm your last chance

For innocent romance

You've never felt like this before

I tell myself one more time

That it'd work if you tried

I won't fool myself anymore