[Verse 1: K-Fix]

f**in' with a G, you 'bout to be no longer breathin'

Leave 'em leakin' for no reason when I'm fiendin' for the k**/

Guaranteed to be an emergency in need of a procedure from the trauma center when I'm bombin' n***as wit the steel/

I'm an abomination of the darkest places in ya dreams I'm leavin' 'em either in a hearse or in the trunk of my Deville/

Then I'll be givin' a demonstration of the way to make 'em meet the reaper makin' 'em sleep and deceased I guarantee nobody lives/

Strapped with that sh** that'll make s**as so sick

When I take aim a n***a finna leave your body on the pavement/

I'm slappin' that clip in the K hoe so don't Get in the way or become another victim hit up with that thang/

It's a murder that I'm cravin' gotta satisfy the urge to put my rivals in the dirt I'm bringin' the d**h desolation buckin' they brain no hesitation then I'm erasin' diggin' the grave of all my enemies leavin' no traces for the investigation/

Now hell is your destination should have thought about that sh** 'for you headed in the direction that led to your devastation/

I'm filling 'em full of lead it feels better to me to send n***as straight to the med instead of me takin' my medication/

And f** all my adversaries I'll bury the motherf**as and bust 'em up with the weapon and wet 'em up in a second I did the sh** with no hesitance never miss yeah that's evident what the f** you expect when you in the presence of greatness/

Mask on my face with duct tape on the handle I'm outside your place and I'm waitin' as soon as he come out the house I'll jump out with that thang and I'm Bangin' it ain't no escapin' it 'bout to get devilish bustin' yo melon a smooth getaway to a different location in my Chevrolet by the time that the ambulance made it they didn't feel a thang when they was takin' your Pulse/

[Verse 2: Kaoz] My blows ain't sky but they hold when these poor motherf**ers already have the coffin open

I see 'em make a move but I actin' like I don't know sh**

Turn to catch you all see finna get me a promotion and i'mma throw sh** I'll overdose sh** I cock you know b**h

Words of my boss met him on the floss and i'm findin' lyrical voices to fathom without a lotion I'm a lyrical cannon I swear to god I will show you


Problem how to get my pill before it even wears it makes me k**

Winter's comin' see it makes a crack in the seal finally all you motherf**ers will see this sh** is real

Take a grab to let go (lord help me)

I just wanna go home (they tell me)

Cause livin' dead with this Pulse (is crazy)

Is different then he told (crazy)

[Verse 3: Hurricane]

I'm a let them have it with that AK-47

These n***as thinking it's finna be easy

Creeping on the come up, I run up on them with the voodoo don't believe me n***a ask Mr. Ouija

Coming up out that grave with the laughter

Looking at n***a's faces they amazed from the rapture

Ready to put it on them turn a n***a into Casper

Pump up to his mouth like this fool had asthma

You don't want to get into homicidal endeavors

I be clever with the weapons so n***a k** that...

Before you know it I'm at you with a machete in the alley on that Molly and ready to pull your wig back

Knowing I got this problem with my brain

Having a n***a twitching I can feel it in my veins

My pulse is erratic I know I'm going insane

This disease is contagious let me give you the same

Do you want to k** with me?

Be sick in your cranium never know where your mind is?

Or do you wanna deal with me?

Put a n***a in a blender serve him up to a blind kid

f**ing with these forces

Got a n***a splitting up the bodies like divorces

I will be the k**er that will infiltrate the fortress