yung oyy

[Verse 1]

Freshest n***a in this game, call me Ice Man

You just eatin' fries man, nice man!

I want my drank purple

Your wife is lookin' for me

No, Steve Urkle (Skkkrrtt)

Cruisin' round with my boys

Your sister or your girl

Hard choice, she want that hard voice (hard voice n***a)

Steven Seagal, f** yall

Gloing up in that 45

Lookin for no luv


Snitch n***a you a b**h n***a

Dont you see my wrist n***a?

10 carat on my middle finger


When I'm on the trigga

You want to be even a n***a (Skkkkrrtt)

You ain't got no money doee

Check out the money doee (ouh n***a)


So why you tryna playin

Get your a** in my sharan

Not Ed Sheeran, i've to add a new sharan

Your b**h askin' for nudes, sorry im not lookin for dudes uhh

(Bling bling)

[Verse 2]

Lookin' out the window, do you see the rain?

Imma take the plane, you must take the train

So what's up with your pain?

I'm sippin all that champagne

Champagne on my pain, so what's up wayne?


f** thugga mothaf**er in this hustle gang

I'm the number one in this rap game

Rap game, it's your fat game

Where the Big Macs at? (2x)