yung cub
caldwell zoo



Caldwell zoo

[Verse 1: Yung Cub]

Chapped lips from all the rap sh**

Kid spittin' doggin down bad b**hes

Don't forget to hit kitten

Mid mission pullin out on her face transmition

Sam Adam sippin

Damn Allen wrenchin

Tight and turnin

Up like the knobs on my sound system

Got the Devils tongue

Love got the weed khalifa lungs

I'm high strung

Stress to the ceilin

Might spazz out on a pedestrian

Less I pack a bowl tighter than a car full of mexicans

My chick thick

Horse a** equestrian

Y'all ain't gon get the best of him

Keep guessing and I'm have start chin checkin

Cuz I'm such a f**in problem you forget the question

Stay flexin secret texts to ya girl at night know we s**tin

Get the message?


To the mind of a sinner who missed confession

Thoughts progressing into madness

Talkin cleavers to belibers

Attacks with a deadly weapon

Daddy Kane no half steppin

Sicker than p**nos with digornio

Dropping sauce on my erection

Drunk drivin nice swerve & cursin' under my breath

Damn the goddamn radio isn't workin'

Feelin Worldstar famous when my girl t**n

From the southside where them dudes ride never make it out


From the land of the never was

Where they pack guns

Shoot kids just becuz

Never finished school

No degrees, on the block

Either end up in jail

Or outlined in chalk


[Verse 2: No Love]

Umm, so who da f** you think you f**in' wit?

We love this sh** and by me I mean it's me Cub & 6

& DDD it's no secret to ya'll we runnin sh**

We f** the city up, ain't nobody on Gutta's dick

Not one, not none, not nada!

Only smoke blunts if that sh** rolled proper!

30 backwoods & they stuffed fulla best smoke

f**in fresh, bet 30k, BTF know

Duckin feds might take a trip to the west coast

Straight slam a couple Tinder b**hes & some ex hoes

I'm a threat tho

I could bring it to ya set tho

You get carsick seein us in all them Vette's tho

Mo-Mo-Mothaf** my enemies

Ya'll should Human Centipede

30 on the end & Karimi's finally in the lead

Gutta in the middle cuz he's fulla sh**

& I could see him prolly gettin off on the sh**

f** it, imma peace

Imma beast!


[Verse 3: Yung Cub]

I drink whiskey straight

And chase shots with different mixtures

Like I night full a drinkin ya boy never sicker

I got some things I'm need to get off my chest

Let me fixate my dick take this sh** with no breaths

In high school I was a wild dude with a lot of big potential

But I downgraded my ho to one who sat the benches

In the trenches

New I was the sh** from a young age teachers smelt the stenches

Yung cubs my alter ego

My inner hero

The voice callin out listen to me ho

Look at me go

Moonwalk on concrete how smooth he go

Let em no when we do a show I want all my haters sitting front row

Whole scroll gang and Btf can be bffs

Cause y'all gonna have to drop like 20 disses if you want my respect

Better yet let me digress

I might swim in ya girls p**y if the music make her that wet

Safe bet

I ball everyday blowing rent checks

Check my syntex my pen stretch ryhmes to their f**in limit

Vernacular so spectacular

That coke flow Pusha T in a Acura

Last year rhyming was just a hobby till I saw the world from a Hilton inn lobby


AC: Dumb, I been playin dumb all this time

Cub: Yeah

AC: I been playin f**in dumb all this time so people would rag my a**

Cub: And now it's time to...

AC: But in the truth of it all, I've been f**ing playing them

Cub: Laying in wait