yung ale
cry out remix

Sorry momma that i made you cry

Never apologized for that Christmas night

Thought that i was gonna die

All these d** but it couldn't take my life

Thank you lord

Thank you lord

But i'm still takin these d**

Can you please open the doors

Can you please show me the light

Shoulda stook to Mary Jane f** all of that dirty sprite

Please don't believe the hype

Please don't believe these n***as sooner or later they gon die

We ain't eva had a life

Ms Jane i am sorry for choosin ms codeine

But the high is so good and now i am a fiend

And now i am nothing

Turn nothing to something

f** everybody no friends that was just a dream

I'm that lonely mothaf**a

I been drownin in depression but ain't eva been a s**a

Tell these n***as shut the f** up

They ain't makin any noise

Claimin that they got the toys

But be runnin to the boys

Why they runnin to the boys

But i'll give a shout out to my n***a tank

One of my n***as that still hasn't forgotten me

Tell him that i'm doin fine but still addicted to the lean

And when is blackout comin back that was them better days

Melo came thru almost every single day

Nooch came thru every time he had a break

We had the best producer shout out to my n***a jay

Went to mikes house every single Friday

Now i'm on my lonely


Takin all these d** now i'm feelin like a zombie

Dead and alive at the same time

Do the same crimes

Have the same vibes

Yea i have the same vibes

Yes i live in the projects

Struggle hard struggle hard boy i've been the reject

Boy i've been neglected

Boy i've been dissected

Every time i open my mouth i am shunned

After that i fall to d**

After that i fall in love

After that i hope i find a gun

But never find that gun

So my words become my bullets

And the mic becomes my victim

I am trapped inside this system

You can tell by the way that i'm thinkin

n***as claim they shooters but ain't eva on the court

n***as swear they ballin buyin sh** they can't afford

Lost minds in disguise ain't none of this right

Thotties over women got these young kids feelin right

Yes i like my women cla**y

Up in cla** independent you ain't gotta ask me

Good girl that goes bad in the bed sheets

Lookin s**y

Who the f** said wearin less makes you s**y

Girl you got the right mind

So just act right

Forget about love and just do you

All these shows programmed you to want a prince

Shawty you can be yo prince

And you can be the sh**

Don't degrade yourself for likes on the gram

Cause people treat you by the way you see yourself

That's some real sh**

I ain't no republican i ain't no democrat

We need a rebellion we the new age b**h

f** that old age sh**

Yes i feel ageless

Playin no game sh**

Bout k** all my stress on my kurt cobain sh**

I been stressin for too long hidin all my pain b**h

Now i let it pour out f** that goin dumb sh**

And i've been needin this

Cause i've been poppin all these pills and i dont feel like sh**

Everyday i stay home and i try to make a hit

Everyday i stay home and i try to make a hit

I've been lonely all my life

And i dont think that ima eva survive

I question everything and never fall to the hype

Shoutout to my n***a pro and shoutout to snipe

Shoutout stain

He understood withdrawals and my pain

I miss meli and alfredo