your shapeless beauty

Smoke drifts from my lips,

As words are hard to find in my memories...

Beneath the open sky, searching for the end,

But I am all alone in my misery...

I feel the daylight crushing down my fears

Thorns that have been placed as my crown of tears,

Remind to all of you that you have to pay...

Burning all your prejudices,

Burning all your lies,

Burning all the bodies... Bodies, that raised against your tide.

Living for the end,

Waiting for your hand

To help me once again, and leave me out of here

And flee from all their screams, echoes lead me unsane

The shadow of the cross,

Crawling on my loss, ,

The window ablazed with light, evening of the last day,

Ashes on the floor, time to get out of here

I reject all dogma, all your lies,

I respect nothing else but myself,

I decide to live my life without your rules

I create my sins, mocking your relations

Burning you in fever!

Burning! Is my answer!

I can't walk your way, and pay for everyday

The right to fit your aim, you'll never have my pride

Give me an answer or you will pay

I am tired of struggling all alone,

I take a last breath as descend the dawn,

I hear the roaches crossing down the floor,

I have choose to pay, I joined the resistance...