young swag the god
6pm in switzerland

All you snake n***as don't bite

On tracks like Nike

The whole crew got a slice

I used to think I was the only guy

And I know a couple n***as that totally spy..

And you know me as the young swag demi

First salt brother

I used to think we needed one another

Now I'm seein n***as in a struggle and n***as go undercover just to see if we been causin trouble

Even had to bring Saltgang back and it's truly amazing

You n***as are shady

Had to lose a best friend to a n***a that fap to babies

Even had the pieman try to bake me... Ha ha ha ha

No way back cause I'm already home

Why would I live in Cesar's palace when I live in Rome?

And I built all that sh** on my own

A young swag king n***a and I share the throne

I bet you didn't even know

Katie was in my dm and Katie was in my phone

Tryna make moves and I had to tell her no stop it

I had to make the right decision with your girl watchin

Skype n***as said they don't like xat

Xat n***as said they don't like Skype

After xat died n***as thought we weren't gonna make it in life

And I still got a muthaf**in piece of the pie


Loco can't delete me like he did the wiki

I know x5


Especially not these days

No balls like havoc inside a 3 way

American idiots no green day

These days tough for white girls in pre-K

How to catch a predator in 3 days

You go together like red wine and cheese cake


SG said it the best

If she wanted s** she would have opened the text

n***as seein your dick I'm prayin like MX sorry

Loco still sayin sorry It's too late for sorry

Grow a pair and you can sleep with Ari

Got a pieman doin Hari Kari damn

And I still wouldn't have said sh**

I've been heatin up like a breadstick


Damn. Now you got me started

Me and Ima in the trap with the white Ferrari

Shoutout to panda I'm sorry she couldn't make it

She was writing wikis in the basement

And I didn't write a word on it

I Put My word on it

Throwing balls with a curve on it like shay did

If you needed money I paid it

And you still owe me money so don't act funny n***a

Makin Donald trump money

I should build a wall n***a

And go f**boy hunting

And put all of your heads on it I go

Way too hard

s** my dick

If you think I'm taking shots pray to god I miss

Got pk loadin a clip

Isn't even a diss

Pick pan or the switz

Muthaf**a i'mma make you fap to this

I'll make you fap to this

I go

Accf no stress

These n***as takin shots with no vest

2z said it the best

Said n***as gonna ride my dick

Said n***as gonna talk they sh**

But I'm still gonna do my thing

And you still gonna say my name

Now you can go with this

Or you can go with that

You can go with this

Or you can go with that right now

These n***as actin pa**ive right now

I give em a drug test they pa** it right now

These boys must do acid right now

Write em a big check they cash it right now

Spend it on RP and league still s**

f** it I'm still here and always on your mind..

And we can't stop

Imma make you fap to this