young swag the god
11 30 pm in africa

I just made it back from the motherland

It's been a while you should understand

I saw rubberbands in a duffle bag n***a

The fine girls make it feel like summer land

A million suns

Lilly call me daddy n***a I guess you the son, damn

Where the f** is the chill?

In a galaxy too far away with guys hairline

You couldn't react

You didn't even release it I already snapped

Have fun painting your nails and talking behind my back

Just know every itch on my back will get scratched

I never asked for the power to flame but good lord I'm not gonna put it to shame

I'm gonna burn your a** to a crisp

Have you n***as lookin like revenge of the sith

And uh

It's revenge of the dicks

This message removed it was only the tip

Soul Leo Amari im sorry you couldn't help

But these n***as are finished like magazines on the shelf

And uh

Like magazines on the shelf

I'm Josh peck with the emphasis

I'm Ike turner with the back hand

You leave groups more than a black man

This isn't even a diss

How do I flame something that doesn't even exist?

How do I burn ashes? How do I toast toast?

How do I roast something that's already in the stove?

It's already resolved

Walk out then f** yall it's no big

I feel like will smith

I had to do it I just couldn't resist

I just couldn't resist

These are couple views from the Tokyo 6

These are a couple views from the top of the stargate

You need to act your age and not marfs age

That was one for the books n***a

Where the f** is the hook n***a

I wrote this sh** at the airport

And Soul and I are looking like the Air Force

I do for my n***a Jordan no Air Force

You should know by now I'll never fall back

And when I'm paying you n***as I'll watch you crawl back

I'm k**ing you n***as I'm dressed in all black

I can't believe we made another one

You were still crying about the other one

Where the f** are the knees n***a

I had you wettin the bed from overseas n***a

I mean I'm going god ki n***a

f** it. I'm making a 3 n***a

And plus I like to keep an open mind

This sh** should go in the archives

You're never f**ing with our guys

Soul sisters on my dick I'm a smart guy

I can feel the salt in the air

I can feel a tone of despair I mean shoutout to ima man a n***a hit the jackpot

Walk out the room like I don't even care

I am sick and tired of Eva

And you look like the last episode

I am like a breaking bad episode

I go places you will never go