young sizzle
lambo dis summer


My trap going ham, my trap doing numbers

My n***as going ham, my n***as doing numbers

Man I'm going ham, man I'm doing numbers

I'm tryna buy a Lamborghini this summer(x5)

[Verse 1: Southside]

Whip the work harder, I'm a make it bump

I got that stanky pack, shawty yeah that straight funk

Stupid loud pack, I let it holla out

No this ain't a closing service but it still shout

My trap boomed out, that's my boom house

My spot getting hot, it's time to move out

I mean my whip stupid, but I want something dumber

I want the Lambo, but I'm a buy slug the hummer

b**h I got that check, so what the [?] model

One thing about it baby girl don't miss the lotto

Triple striped swag, yeah I rock Adidas

Please don't take me for a college boy, I keep the heater


[Verse 2: Waka Flocka]

Young n***as this(What), young n***a that(Flocka!)

Southside and Waka Flocka bringing young n***as back

Drop top Lambo wheel, man I'm a be the sh**

Check out my necklace, that sh** look ridiculous

Moving pounds and sh**, got this young n***as rich

Yellow diamonds, excuse my earrings, this that [?] sh**

We on that blood sh**, this that young n***a clique

Down south gutta music, shawty that's the f**ing movement

To them n***as rocking Polo, get that man off your chest

I be stunting, I be flexing with them butterflies

Now she choosing me

Now she, now she choosing me

I'm a real top dog, getting reels of that money