young sizzle

[Verse 1]

Your n***a's whole life in the ashtray

Had to get in, took the back way

We got to be patient, no fast way

I ain't never call for the back pay

Gotta go it, roll it, then count up more trees

b**hes be fallin' at me, I got 'em on ease

Stacking this paper n***a, I'm tryna own tee

Applying this pressure, I cannot let 'em breathe

Pimp sh**, gang sh**

Walkin' through this motherf**er big me, Big Meech

Pour me a four, had to crush me a crush, well n***a love the mud and the peach

Plus my son coming up making beats

Put a n***a whole deal on my teeth

And this cash every time a n***a speak

Pull up, good nut on the sheets

Drop it, stop it my n***a, I'm out your league

Dissing a n***a, they really wanting me to leave

No matter if I'm here, now I live through my seed

Told grandpa I'ma go and get a B

Real sh**, real sh**, real sh**

It me, my n***as forever

I ain't really with the settling, I ain't really with the meddling

I ain't really with the telling it

Know a n***a with rebelling it

And if you stop then I'm selling it

And this money got me celibate


I done seen sh**, be honest

sh** n***a like, sh** that I know I ain't supposed to see in real life

sh** I know that sh**

sh** that be on TV like

You know what I'm sayin'

Homies k**ing homies and

Homies robbing homies

Homies set homies up

That's why people laughing at us

You know what I'm saying, it's just part of life though

f** it

[Verse 2]

Tryna ease the pain with mary jane

Told my mama I was gonna get her everything, everything, everything, everything, everything

Never ever fit a wedding ring

I was gon' pay that lil petty change

I swear that we all do some petty things

Dry nights turn to heavy rain

f** you n***as, I'm another lane

Shawty really playing number games

They really got us playing hunger games

Speak up n***a, quit the mumbling

The try to cage us 'cause we outspoken

Gave you everything to lose focus

Can't stay calm, keep smoking

Send a drive-by, watch me smoke it


Yeah, you know what I'm sayin'

I-I, I-I, I-I-I leave the studio every day

At least at six o'clock, six thirty you know

Sometimes like before three when I be in early

And I go home and my kids go to school every morning

And they see me come in and Melo look at me like

Like I'm proud, like you know what I'm sayin

I know, when my daddy leave again

I'ma cut my phone on and I'ma hear myself sayin', "Southside on the track n***a, yeah"

You know what I'm sayin'?

On everything

You know what I'm sayin', like

That lil n***a think he me

And that's like a blessing

You know what I'm sayin'?

'Cause I don't think I'm a father

I think I'm my father's father