young savage
ball out

I remember all the times b**hes used to call me broke

They gon be like where he go

When I pull off in that ghost

Money raining from the ceiling having million dollar roasts

Too much money ain't enough money n***a I need more

Everybody used to laugh at me but now I'm getting money

n***as thought that it was funny

Now it's no food in they tummy

Balling out just like I'm Drummond

Boy you know that I be stunting

Bank account is full of 100s

b**hes hopping like a bunny

Lil guapo who I be

b**hes asking who is he

Out here stretching all these keys

These shootahs love to ride with me

I'm a young getting money n***a ain't sh** change

I remember digging in my pocket scrapping up some change

I told my guys I'll stay the same

For the money f** the fame

And I know that life a game

Better watch how you gon play

Wrong move then you get smoked

For my life I'm gone tot

Never lack that's in my notes

I know exactly what I wrote

I like robins I rock trueys

Keep the tool under my Louie

Shoot it up like its a movie

Y'all sent him out to come do me?

Im married to these bankrolls

Addicted to chasing racks

And I used to wear the same clothes

Now I spend it and get it back

Making bread off of a talent

I'm the best it ain't no challenge

You get bread boy why you stylin

Dress myself don't need a stylist

Buy a foreign 0 mileage

Boy you know that's how I rock

100 bands in my shoe box

Keep some 100s in my sock

I struggled all my life now it's time to get this money.they say that you switch up but they the ones who acting funny. And now it's time to ball out. It's no more sleeping on the couch. We got money f** the clout. Our pockets got from out the drought

G guapo you know I be chasing that paper

I pop up and k** it like my name was Jason

I wanna get rich in them foreigns be racing

These n***as just copy like if they was tracing

All of my n***as we live for that mula

These diamonds so icy it feel like a cooler

My chain vvs so shoutout to my j**eler

It's k**ed or be k**ed so my Tec got a ruler

I don't f** with n***as just f** with the gang

f** with my shooters then you need a vest

That's why my n***as just aim for the brain

Make a n***a backstroke he got hit in his chest

n***as who don't make no money a pest

I grind need no help because I am the best

Gotta thank god for my life I been blessed

They say they gon blow but they freeze on that test

Homies claim me as a stone cold shooter

I'll pull up on ya block and make my whole squad do ya

I'll ride through a hood with a fully loaded ruga

And I'll take a n***a ice and sell it back to they j**eler

Gotta keep a heater cuz it's getting kinda chili

Opps say they getting money but they pockets be on empty

Tried saying I was broke but them 100s I got plenty

Never switch on the day ones me Oshea and dizzy

Ion never lack ion pop no perks

Catch a opp late night leave red on his shirt

Leave his brain on the corner and his body in a church

Goofy a** rappers wanna charge for a verse

Press a n***a button just to see what he bout

G guapo gon blow ? Ima light a n***a mouth

G guapo keep a steel? Yea it blow real loud