young madni
diamond fever

[Verse 1: Young Madni]

Faces, everybody want these faces

Everybody want some changes, once I'm famous, f** I'm Saying everybody know its dangerous

She went from home training, getting dough daily, to be a hoe Mainly I swear, I bring the dope mainly cuz my hoes lazy and she won't date me I swear

All I know is things crazy, I've been running so long I forgot what I'm chasing

She just want diamonds and riches and gold on my b**hes and life without glitches I swear

She just want money and power and f**ing in showers and gifts and these flowers I swear

I might just give her these towels like here

Whenever you ask me for something its weird

I feel like you don't love me you just want my money you just want them hundreds I swear

Every time you don't hug me feel like you're a dummy guess life is funny I swear

Don't know what to say, I don't know what to say

Feel like if I ever got you pregnant ima have to take custody, cuz you ain't in love with me

[Hook x2]: Ya ya, Diamond Fever, Diamond Fever, Diamond Fever, I'll believe her when I see her, Diamond Fever

[Verse 2]: Dangerous, everybody wanna be dangerous

f** is you saying you better bring latex you can't be stuck With no major changes, It's just amazing

How many can change a b**h and make her sit on a stranger's Dick without saying sh**, not even hey or sh**, what kind of Heinous sh** is this

I might just pay the b**h so she can stay and sh** and just play And sh** with my dick

Everybody saying sh**, delaying sh**, and now they weighing in on this sh**