young flick
tiimmy turner




Young Flick

This is a remix of Desiigner Timmy Turner man

Listen up negs




The n***as smokin' a good sh**

And f**in' some b**hes

This is a very good day

I'm gonna take a lot of bills

Take care of my family

This is for what I always pray

You're goin' to play with good cars

And makin' some dream bars

By wearin' some Rolex chains

My brother brings me some Belaire

With a good hottest

This is for what I'm gon' stay

My money, my money, my money

I don't know how to spend my money

Young n***a's gon' wait for some Raris

Like Kanye West I wear some Yeezys

Independant of this good music

The sweeties want to take pic with me

Like Travis Scott I'm gon' refuse this

Don't talk about of all these bullsh**s

Hit the K with the juice

Without a pair of boobs

n***a got a mug

Hitler k**ed too much Jews

Without an air of cool

n***as run away

I want to play a game

With my sweet babe

With any press ion

n***a's gon' gettin' high

Err day I do Skype

With some b**hes

Father's gon' gimme cash

For giving to Christ

And to the poor

Mama says she is proud

And I ask her for what

She tells you are famous

I'm gon' get arrive

Just stay for a while

Don't be worried

Baby can't lie to me

Cuz' of my honesty

So I can sleep well

I make 'em dead n***as roll with me

n***as ain't sh** n***as walk with me

I'm gonna buy chains with O on it

Brother, father, sister throw it with me

I'm buying car with turbo in it

My baby rolls it and smokes with me

My good friends play good football with me

I'm remixing Designer Tiimmy

I'm thinking this is good for me

A bit of heat and of cold in it

I drink a good cup a good codeine

Mixing' with xanax and promethazine

A pack of million this is what I got

The b**hes post pic and they say posted

A Lamborghini this is what you buy