young egypt
cant believe

[Hook: Young Egypt]

I can't believe I let the [?] go (I let it go, go, go)

She talking that ish, all up in the club with her girlfriend

Looking at me like boy don't drip

Baby don't let me go (No, No, No)

Drunk up in the club, all my homies know what's up

I just let it go (I let it go, go, go)

Cuz I lost my mind, drinking in the club, feeling myself, thinking about a easy f** (I let it go)

And I walk right up out the club

[Verse 1: Quavo]

It ain't that easy, it ain't that easy

I gotta buy that Burkin bag for her

It's made this season

Something inside of my head

Keep telling me 'No, don't do it'

When I beat it, beat it like Mike Jack

In the bed it's a movie

The p**y I bruise it

p**y water like jacuzzi

I'm taking your hoe

I give right her back you boy you foolish

Her p**y on drip, drip, her p**y on splash

Turn around Quavo when I hit it from the back