yo akim
l u c y l o v e

With underhanded tactics

I'll make you and your crew melt like plastic

I'll light up the room

Without using matchsticks

And when their heads turn

They'll say that girl's fantastic

She spits rhymes that are so elastic


When it comes to rhymes then I'm the cleverest

With bars so strong

They can climb Mount Everest

Some call me a lyrical terrorist

Got a problem then I'll take care of it

I'm not dumb

I'm certainly not stupid

I'm not gonna make the same mistake that you did

Gonna shoot arrows like cupid

Make way for the raving new kid

When I drop a rhyme

I create history

It's about time

Cos this is not a mystery

Others wait in line

While I collect my victory

Try and take what's mine

And I'll make your life a misery

L – you – C – Y