yak ballz
the baskervilles amp live remix

[Intro: Aesop Rock]



When the bright bright play-doh met the mania's mittens

In twenty minutes it was Kratos on some Blade of Olympus

Pimpin' his questionable cargo to your district's most suspicious

Who sort of whored the mischief making business to its limits

Volunteers line up with your purple hearts and common-spears

Shake ‘em ‘til the getaways are localized and commandeered

Ate the Cobalt-60 kid of tripping over hiccups in the grid

And let his hounds go Baskerville up in this b**h


Yeah his faces form a queue and all breath together

Propose a toast when you're comatose: Hear, hear!

What a nice gesture

All the while the stupor has him sleeping through the terror

We breezing through to the future, like, “See you never!”

Anatomically prolly with physiques too slender

To muscle and tustle, I weigh in but will not let up

For consecutive seconds executive decisions

Make for preventative maintenance to the best of my interests


At a blistering pace ‘til his fisher king

Legs decide a paralysis would make it interesting


He's in traffic breathing out a little easy, heed the magic

Speaking dizzy as a kiddy in n out his mini graphics

Smash his illy in the back

I'm in the bunk and feeling actual


Like its wait-a-minute bait-and-switch is casual

Weatherman skulls to the pendulum doze briefly

Sharpen and repeat, life's easy


[?] Beastly in the morning to the evening

Sinks his teeth into meaty reading

For protein and meaning

It's no secret, to each his own

We feed and it grows

We eat in unison; they're apart, we leave it alone

Plant the [?] into the art, you reap what you sow

Show a sea of them who you are, they're eager to know

[?] asleep when they're crawling back, falling out

Solar panels melt into the tats