yak ballz


It's that True City k**er

Yak the Ripper

It's that kid that has your feet like he's nice

Naw, he's nasty

Just look at how he treats mics

I smoke weed like it's medicated

Get dead bent like my face was metal plated

Every move I make - premeditated

Live my life like a palm flick and keep it X-rated

Detach your legs misery style with an axe - you'll hop

Ya'll should have known my joint was off the meat rack

Sick as an infant - recently caught this relapse

I'm ill - please don't ask why I look strung out

Shut the f** up before I cut your tongue out!

Yak Ballz from the Weather Men who'd you expect?

Drop a single like the diligent blades of 7 ex

It's all over the day Masai Bey hits ca**ette

It gets deeper - hoes crews is shallow

The following don't stop like shadow (battle me)

That's like stepping the Cobra Commando with a 9 milli and no ammo

You'll get manhandled

I cause brothers to die

They see the other side then I cover the lies (I'm out)

Cop another disguise

Run up in your crib and bust a nut in your mother' eyes

She's like "Yak, you're the fowlest"

That's when I introduced her to Alex


When the weakest of the food chain steps it up

You might comfortably with a line of bullsh**

Witness legendary tales as opposed to clones

They like microscopic versions of Indiana Jones

Written Ox Allah! 牛

Storm the temple of cause

Going out like the last crusade against the source

You know my name like the black frame - try to clone it

What opponent?

I see kids I spit on last year still soakin'

Open up domes in foreign lands with orange hands

Leave mics in the pits but know Cage mobs to expand

Got groupies like I play in a rockband

Oh well, don't try to s** me in the pop world yellin' my name on TRL

Six s**s!

Agree to scribe thoughts!

The insides of the courts!


Moms aborts!

Dead Siss!

The bliss!

I walk to Nazareth!


Slaughter my own people having this

Ketaset children built in!

Malignant milk in!

Teenage love!

Restrict pill Fred!

Spot chance Allah with vagina slippers for the floor

Show you and the slut you call wifey hardcore


We on the low like undercover D-knocks

Weathermen got ya'll n***as coppin' pleas for Detox


I spit how the Earth tastes

And pa** forms out of place

Galvanize my face and k** for breathing space

Recycle the waste!

Like the paper that spent you

Look for cheat codes against rogues as Tenchu!

Butt through roads I bent you

With a picture crooked life

You are the tour reason corporate glory is suffice

Naw, you ain't nice

You like fake dice, caught by work release

Ice grillin' villains that's willin' to make a k**in'

Peelin' metal fillin's

Like a Jux from God, spillin' your stomach linin'

With just a fistful of Hein' in

Burn off the lips that you evolved from!

I'm down to shoot Pop Funks because I can't tell what caused 'em


Check it, I'm the type of kid to f** your head up with mind tricks

Give me a mic, I'll rock the sh** 'til you unconscious

Those that find this dope already lost it!

Must be the way I hold fortress!

Spin planets in the cypher and control orbit

Up in my crib haunted!

Stem some genius ink room

Getting retarded like I had down syndrome

And still devise my plan perfectly

To ace all you f**s cause none of ya'll are serving me

Call me quick silver, I piss mercury

My circuitry is the illest

Craft a bomb and blow the motherf**ing frame into tidbits

Tell 'em Yak Ballz schooled you - cla** dismissed