xeno producer
da rukus

[Verse 1: RAMBO]

I spent time on the grind with teens

Hid work inside the jeans

Did dirt with a eye for green

Pittsburgh was designed for cream

Money talks but it lies to me

I fell apart going blind with greed

But I still found time for weed

Blunt lit with a pound of leaves

In a town of thieves

East Lib where the ground diseased

Each flip bring a crowd of fiends

Each brick either brown or green

Each block got to crown the Kings

Every man got a pound to bring

One hand wrapped around a beam

You better stop, if you see red dots

You could see God walk, if they squeeze them shots

Sixteen pop when the street drop

[Hook : Sample]

[Verse 2: RAMBO]

In so many words I'm a part of the curb

My street smarts made it harder to learn

About trust

So I don't give a f** about those that act tough

No heart you lack nuts

I bark you back up

Chin up with my chest out

If this ain't your block, use the guest house

Or keep moving

Yall the reason maf**as keep shooting

Think stupid, use your head and don't lose it

Keep your high, keep your third eye open

When I come through the stores close

Maf**as know about more hoes

I freestyle til the end of the dip