wonda woman
remind me

[Hook: WonderWoman]

Baby show me love, I wanna see

Tell me you feel the same way I do

All I want is for you to remind me

Remind me you love me too

[Verse 1: WonderWoman]

Tell me why I get that feeling

Tell me how you can survive

Knowing that the girl you "love"

Well, you're making it hard for her to stay alive

I want to be with you

Don't get me wrong

Boy, you hurt me so bad

People find it hard to believe I stuck with you for so long


[Verse 2: Young E]

Look baby, I'm here and I just want for you to remind me

How much you love me, do what you do, don't mind me

Pretend like I ain't even here and spill your heart out

Can you please express your love and show me what we are about

I just wanna know if you can remind me how this all started out

We used to love each other, but I'm just feeling discarded now

I look in the mirror and I see me so depressed

Cause I'm without you, but even when I'm with you, I'm stressed

Baby, I just need a little comfort, a night out or a night in

My life is so dark, I just need you to bring the light in

You're an angel but it seems like you're floating away

All I can say is that I don't wanna see my life slowly stray

Without you, I just wanna know if you're okay

I just wanna have you in my arms like yesterday

And yes, I must say, "Can you please stay?"

Sweetie, can you remind me how we used to be?

Put us back in the golden age, you and Young E

Me And You, you and me, you and I, I hope you see

All the different combinations, but can you remind me?


[Verse 3: WonderWoman]

And I know we have our good times

It a miracle when they still come

I wish I knew if you were still in love

Cause now I just feel dumb

I wish I knew how you felt

I tried so hard to find out

But you never take me seriously

Yet I'm still not going to have my doubts


[Verse 4: Young E]

I hope you feel me in any way possible

We too blessed to be stressed, we're part of the gospel

I don't wanna question this love, not at all

So let's get past this, I really don't wanna fall

Off the world of love with you, I really wanna fall

Even more in love with you, baby, let's have a ball

Let's have some fun, do what we gotta do

Try some new positions, but let me remind you

How we used to be, but can you remind me?


[Verse 5: WonderWoman]

Cause what I'm doubting isn't my love

I know I do, what I feel is true

Just give me a sign

I really wanna believe you

They say love is patient and kind

You know what? Love is you

I'm yours and you're mine

Just remind me you love me too