wheres ya bish

Call me fawn yeah, call me don't ya...

All this brawn there's gaul to dote ya

Wall to wall and hall to hall too tall for y'all too small to fall

Call me cutta, call me Lisa

All ye mutta, stall n fleece ya

Ballin through n callin U! O'Ryan maure I'm shawling U

Where's ya Bish when fiddles slip?

Ur fish and riddles got no grip

Hourgla** Me den shall we see... power pa** me deez shower a** Bs!

Itz so poor ur lion's roar

Glitz galore ur B girlz claw

Paparazzi's son in law shot the girls and made ya sore

When da Gz came out to score Roger Rabbit laid a whore

Orange ostrich just a bore sent a monk up to da Nord

Low grange nose ticks busta gnaw bent on spunk we know da score

Gumps hire umpires feelin snoozy

Chumps fire punks for stealin oozies

In da trunk to seal ya floozies

Can't be sunk for dealin choozy

Godz conspire for my desires watcha of da sons of fire