willie evans jr
i heard it today

[Verse One]

As the woe of the common man grows

I suppose

I should flow

Think of all the things that we should know

The hood grows out to the burbs

Too many words to describe how we've gotten what we didn't deserve

The nerve of these leaders to cheat us

Dangling the sweetest opportunities for home ownership

Then flip

Now it's over


Four soldiers died in Iraq

Stumbled in a trap

Ain't no bringing em back

I'm swinging the axe to chop off, whatever pops off

The Nasdaq drop off

But people are not soft

We're pissed off, f**ed over, overlooked

Overbooked for unemployment

Lost and ready to destroy sh**

B- Boy sh**

That's what I remain on

I stay strong

Call me up, my name rain napalm

You're funding a war

But you can't fund us?

And you plan to turn the planet to dust?

I heard it today!

[Verse Two]

It started when the planes hit home

Then it really hit homes

Now we're out in the street

With no shoes on our feet

So I turn to the beat

Keep my mental physique

Functioning at it's peak

Til you call me elite

Then I repeat the steps

Give some change to vets

They caught you with bullets

They caught us with debt

I step silent

In attempts to side step violence

Tap into my brain so I can remain timeless

I'm just, out here trying to cope

Try to eat a little food, try to buy a little smoke

Choke a couple politicians

Cause I've got a couple dollars missing

Buy some lotion so my skin'll glisten

Missile hissin'

Direct hit when you didn't expect

All ordered by a president we didn't elect

So I'm hoping that the DJ will give this some play

So the people that'll listen can say

We heard it Today!

[Verse Three]

They were willing to give people with bad credit loans

Cause they knew within a few years

We're out of our homes

And they can buy up all the same properties they sold us

For the wealthy and maniacal the sh** was a gold rush

They told us rates could fluctuate

But they didn't say they could spike

Now our credit is like

"How we gonna get another place?"

Look at our face

Distress at best

And yes

Anger manifests

When our president

Sees us drowning in the elements

He really doesn't give a f**, so he acts with hesitance Bush offered only one tenth of us paupers


That may or may not decrease grief

He'd rather help the lenders

Original offenders

That sent us off to get job number 3, humbly sacrificing education and health care

He'd rather just perpetuate the war cause there's wealth in it

Health benefited, heavily tinted windows of CEO's Rols (Royce)

Remain closed

So they never have to listen to those who oppose the path that they chose

To slow economic woes

They'll prey upon our desperation

Instead of seeking elevation

sh** is catastrophic in my estimation

It happened during a Republican reign

And some of y'all still went and voted Mc Cain?