willie dixon
im your hoochie coochie man

Gypsy woman told my mama

'While 'fore I was born

Got a boy child comin' mama

He'll be a bad one, now

I'll make all you little girls

Turn your heads around

Then I'm gonna take you little girls

Gonna take you right on down with me yeah

Ho, you just wait and see

I'll be your hoochie coochie man

I'll set you free

On the seventh hour of the seventh day

On the seventh month, seven doctors they say

I've got lots of good luck, you know they all agree

But now if ya, if you're lookin' for trouble babe

You better not mess with me

Hey, 'cause you know I'll getcha one by one

Ain't no fun

I'm that old hoochie coochie man

A bad son of a gun

Got a John the conqueroot and got some mojo too

We got a black cat born, we're gonna slip it to you

Hey, move over people just as fast as you can

Said I know you're waitin' for me 'cause I'm the hoochie coochie man

I'm gonna get you, one by one

I got set on that old hoochie coochie man

And I'm yo' son of a gun

Now the gypsy woman told mama, oh 'while 'fore I was born

She said you know he's comin' mama, he'll be a bad, very bad one

Make all the ladies, turn their heads around

You said, I can just see all those women, chasin' him all down

I'm your hoochie coochie man, everybody knows it