willard grant conspiracy
let it roll

Between a rusty old cage

And a crown made of old

There's a paper mache

Cross painted gold

Up on the hill

Wild flowers still bloom

Red poppies like tears

Beneath a cold dead moon

Let it roll

There's one for the taking

Down by the riverside

She'll never be thinking

It was her lover's pride

There's one for the rolling

Down off of the ledge

Into the briars

To sleep with the dead

Let it roll

Hung up in sunrise

With a crown made of thorns

The windows are mirrored

Like the eyes of the lord

Between the high water

And a black-tooth nail

One night of whiskey

Is worth a lifetime in hell

Let it roll

Nothing for nothing

Your God's a pretender

There's no room in Heaven

Now or hereafter

There's nothing to dying

Except a ropes soft whisper

I did what I did

And I'll do it again

We weep and we moan

We weep and we moan

Give me a stack of your best bibles

I'll raise my right hand and

Let it roll