white skull
the ring of the ancients

Lost in a middle of the forest painted black

Hundred knights praying bres

Can you hear their singing voices

Ascending to the moon

Here's the gates of Annwn

Lifeless my limbs torpid my tongue

In purple robe sits a warrior old

Telling stories of dead comrade bold

Their bodies fell as their spirit rose

To the home of the heroes Herjan's hall

Mystic riddles, symbols of the stones

See the ancient rites, never known before

Revelation, come black sun

Burning inner fire, never felt before

Oh, when time has come, rise your fist

Feel the power that comes from the past

Ring of the ancients calling

Deep down inside my heart

Ring of the ancients calling

Proud warrior never die

Creep iron serpent, come almighty bres

Sacred pictures drawn of wood

Shadows dancing around almighty stones

Marching skeletons on battlefields