white skull
power and blood

It's midnight in a lost time

The stars are brightening in the sky

The victim is on the altar of God

The sacrifice is starting

The men are dancing around the fire

Now it is time to call the God of the sky

We are believing in the God from the sky

With a spaceship he arrived


k**, k**, k** the victim

Sacrifice for God

All we drink her blood from the skull

Blade, blade hit the body

All the people drink

God drink with us her blood from the skull

There is fear and terror

Spaceship is brightening in the sky

All people are looking outside

God is out for blood

Hungry for a fair sacrifice

Someone will shed tears for fear

Your soul is flying among the stars

Bright for us near your sisters

Somewhere out in space

We're proud of your sacrifice

Quite is God

Filled with blood