fly out of hell grime

[Freestyle Verse]

When I touch stage other mcs panic cause my flow burns like acid I'm bound for the wheel up like a maicanic hogwarts waving a stick like magic big bag of weed that's green like cabbage My Eskimo dance reload is cla**ic my team hit Chelsea and ball like hazard you got bars but what you do ain't talent let's gamble a millionaire tarrant

Thinking you've reach my level you haven't think I heard your mixtape I haven't

Got more cash then me you haven't

Got more gash then me you haven't

Your face looks sadder then ballards

I hope your big crack head shatters

Best hold on to that grudge like bladders

Rich kids acting poor

Your never stand on your own in the war

It's one big set up I'm sure

My studio set up so raw

Lord knows My heart so pure

Dem man are driven by evil

I had to fly out of hell like an engle

Spot real Gs in the hood like measles

Your whole mixtape based on lie bruv

We don't believe now

Try merk me are be back for the sequel

Feel it in the air just beanie sigel

Wings on my top like i slept with a sea Gaul

Haters blocking my view I can see now

Don't wanna be part of this snakey scene now

Youngers look like old men senile

I'm Higher then tree owls

Here's the real grime street sound

Bae's in love with my sweet style

I'm taking her to eat out

You man are thirsty eat out

Your baby mum got beat out

That's why you hate me deep down

Clash your get buried deep down

Mug I'm colder then putting the tea down



No format no peremeter I can spit anywhere I god dam like

[Verse freestyle]

High green colour piccolo

Intake inflate now I got a bigger

West 11 in the place if you didn't

And time I want I can put it into skippy mode

Master cla**

Every so fast to blast

Boring par bars

Forms of darker art

So much smarter sharp

Banter hadeha

Hard I'm made of tar

Road I'm racing cars

Levels straight power

I spray shower

Higher then a tower

Girl bloom like flower

Akis need dawa

Son couple grime kids flows big dada

Come thru turn your whole grime set madder

Thumping jayz getting more cash

Youngers smoke weed in a war tank

Couple old Skool shooters like bergkamp

Flying kick man in the chest like Eric