wave chapelle
talk 2 em

[Intro: Yo Gotti]

A n***a a motherf**ing brand

Like What a n***a stand on

n***a gone die on that sh** because

n***as turn up for that sh**

These n***as in the streets don't understand

What a n***a talkin about

This sh** more than music n***a

This sh** a lifestyle

You got n***as in the fed n***as in the graveyard behind this sh**

[Verse 1: Yo Gotti]

L.A. Reid put the building on me

I Am surprised a n***a f**ed up the streets

They tryin to say that I'm the underdog

But really they talking money I'm not under y'all

I dropped the record with cole

And they like woah he can rap

They put my sh** on a blog Site like gotti Just snapped

And I'm like f** wrong with these n***as I been in the trap

And I been rapping the same since I first got on the map

I guess these industry n***as don't pay attention to content

Because I come from the Hood they think I'm talking that nonsense

b**h I was struggling my life sacrifice for my family

Selling dope pulling plays everyday gambling

f** a Grammy f** any award I want money boy

?door brand new rolls Royce no tonka toy

Rollie watches for the whole team

They like trophies

Realest sh** you ever seen

Do you know this n***a

Bought my n***a a stingray and my n***a an Ashton

Them the same n***as that was with me bringing them bricks I carried

I motivate n***as I don't talk down on n***as

I put on all my n***as holding down all my n***as

My brothers is my n***as cause we like brothers

We family ride or die for each other

[Verse 2: Wave Chapelle]

I swear that I'd die for this sh** ride for this sh**

All you n***as do is lying and sh**

I'm king of the jungle I'm lion and sh**

You ain't riding the wave then you riding then you lie in a Ditch

I'm sizzling hot like I'm frying some fish

Came from the gutter put on for my click

6 months in the making that sh** kinda quick

I rather stand out I ain't trying to fit

Wait and I ain't trying to diss

It's cmg everybody who we better than

Young Ricky but I spit it like a veteran

Working late night like David Letterman

Yea homie witness the takeover

Better get to work cause your breaks over

Too real and you n***as Just fake soldiers

I'm not high but I rap like I ain't sober

Like I lost my mind I swear to God it's like I lost my mind

They let me loose so it's about that time

You know it's a rap you ever cross that line

I run up my bands through the brackets

Stack so much paper it look like a package

Can't touch my green boy that sh** like a cactus

If you don't listen my hitters attack ya

Ride around town with a piece that's attractive

The Park i come from man that sh** is Jura**ic

Watch em fall down homie ashes to ashes

My money stretch like that sh** is elastic

Uh gotti taught you n***as how to act Right

I'm gone teach you n***as how to rap Right

All over the world homie I am like a satellite

n***as wanna feature like What is that price

I spit some sh** so cold they like is that ice

They sleeping on me What that nap like

Compare to the greats What I rap like

Jay Z Nas n***a I'm that nice

Uh and I'm on the frontline

I'm feeling like a warrior Right now

Gotti told me this was more than rap

He told me it was more like a lifestyle

That's it I gotta get it I guess we'll converse after