volume 10
48 bars out the blue


Written by Imperator January 10, 2016

[Verse 1: Imp]

I came to stake my claim cause

You'll want erase my name huh

Right out the history books so

I got to let the whole world know

Exclude me from your movies

f** you your crew and your groupies

I give a f** if your rap like an Uzi

Or freestyle cause your bars don't move me

I left the block with the rocks, and the pot

And the narcs, the cops, shots, for the Good Life

It was an open mic on Thursday night

Where flows were tight my escape from the hood life

A couple of guys a girl or two

A poet, a band, a rapper and some bomb health food

You couldn't cuss if you cursed goodbye, goodnight

Come back next week just don't be rude

The crowd grew now every week I'm battling

I'm from Harlem is that what had them rattling

An accent and n******gs don't like that

They bombed first you know I had to strike back

They clicked up I also been a soloist

I kicked butt for those who tried to go at this

I put hands on n******gs like ma**euses

And pulled up in that 6 double deuces

Sound man, security, rapper

Beat maker, gambler, scrapper

The weed man, I was all of the above

Forty acres and mule, still I get no love

Okay lets get it in, get it on

Loud mouth rappers I'm a make you make a better song

Good life reunion these nuts

Cause it ain't no reunion if the Imp at on

You jacked Chub Rocks style

I heard you ain't on crack now

That's good cause you my pal

But I'll spank you like you my child

P Blowed who's this Johnny come lately

I made your first damn flyer do you love or you hate me

I get abstract love, but the rest real flakey

I am what I am, no clone so you ain't make me

Bust a nut in the life and the blowed was the baby

Daddy's home but the kids went crazy

Hid all his footage like his battle with Shady

If you cool share the footage of Imp from the 80's

Grown men acting like a bunch of ladies

Otherwise wrecked my car and still ain't pay me

I let that slide now I'm fugazi

In 2016 I'm gone damn crazy