40 bars

If you talkin bout me I'ma have to pull up with some sticks

Tell my homie (?) abouta leave you in a ditch

I'ma swervin foreign whips to hit them licks and f** yo b**h

Very humble person but just test me shoot you from the hip

Spare your life so you can see the vision when I pull up twice

b**h I'm like Jaws Lil Vizor I pull up lurkin form the night

She can't roll but thats OK

I'm a pro we get high as kites

Never comin down from here I like the view I think it's nice

Livin like a dream I want that b**h

I think it's comin true

I'ma chase the money

I'ma leave you doin what you do

Don't ever think I'm fake cuz it's your decision if you lose

Want to be a winner then you have to make some risks

You chose

Yall know it's Lil Vizor

Don't need supervisors

How'd I steal yo main?

She got wet like geysers

Got the tranquilizer

Shoot it at yo master

f** these advertisers

I'ma own a visor

b**h it's Xeno AKA Lil Vizor

Hittin all these C notes

Pullin up to your skull

In some first world we've never seen though

Diamonds colder than a glacier

But they white just like that paper

All these haters talkin bout me

Pull up with some tasers

With some tasers yuh

Leaver your body electrocuted

Now you ain't sh**

Boi you really screwed then

Talking bout my mama

I'ma ill have to shoot it

f**in on your daughter

VIZOR really do it

He ain't even got a stick, boi

He got a switch

If he a sh** talker

I'ma get the clip

f** these pussies that just hatin'

I just work for this

Get your a** up from that couch

And make some chips

I think I spit too much

I feel my body losing moisture

Flexing on the ground

This VIZOR'S way of living torture

I don't get scooped up

I'm my own chauffeur

Everytime I wake up

I find a way to roll up

I just wanna stack my quap

Stack that sh** up to the top

Make sure that I never stop

Make sure that I keep my Glock

Snakes are snitchin

Poppin shots

Bullets flying

Poppin shots

Be like me

Boi you thought

Be like me?