vito la bamba
aint heard about you freestyle ft 10 40 shawty

Scotty Gang

Cocaine sh**, man

[Verse 1: Vito La Bamba]

b**h I'm a King

My life filled with action

Gang, gang, gang, gang

Work through and dip, po-po's start clappin'

So many ratchets, I can't make sh** happen

Know I got Glizzy tucked under the hoodie

Come through with the shots, b**h call me Billy

Not cuffing no hoe, b**h is you silly?

[Verse 2: 10 40 Shawty]

I just bought a pole and I'm thirsty to try it out

Them bullets start squirting and flying out

n***as see us and start searching for hideouts

When they see us we might murk 'em and hideout (boom)

p**y boy, I'll blow your mind out

Can't take the shots, take a permanent timeout

You just gotta watch, it's my time now

Off the same sh** that had k**ed Amy Winehouse (whoa)

[Verse 3: Vito La Bamba]

Roll up on your a** with the semi

I ain't go alone, Scotty Gang rollin' with me

Riding through the city, blowin' loud by the fifty

Pipes got 20 but I only bagged 50

50 on the dash cause you know this ride a hemi

Know she uh go and do the dance for some Remy

She in love with the king, put a crown on her titty

[Verse 4: 10 40 Shawty]

You n***as can't f** with me

Money over b**hes cause I can't trust b**hes

Ain't it funny how it goes with these 20's and these 50's?

Make your woman do these dishes

I a**ume, I am first

They approve, that's the worst, thing for you

Put that n***a a** down like no work day for you

It's your birthday, the cool make you whisper, n***a

24/7, tearin off n***a. Don't miss n***a

[Verse 5: Vito La Bamba]

Came out the cut, can't believe what I'm grippin'

David Blane rueger, I ping, you go missin'

Leave a f** n***a brain on the dishes

(Bop) blood and c**aine on the dishes

10-40 c**aine on the dishes

Coke King insane, go insane on you b**hes

Y'all can't take the heat, I'm gon stay in the kitchen

And b**h I be whippin', this coke I be flippin'

[Verse 6: 10-40 Shawty]

So pardon my offense, b**h

I gotta b**h named Nina you can kiss b**h

With a scope, hit a n***a from a distance

Make a n***a tuck and roll like a gymnast

I'm in the kitchen, on the stove like a chemist

I load the chopper, let it unload 'til it finish

I know some b**hes s** the soul out a menace

I know some n***as sold they soul for them Benzes

[Verse 7: Vito La Bamba]

They gon k** me? That'll never happen

Keep an automatic, catch his a** in traffic

Bullets touch his back

That n***a turned around, my n***as knocked him out

Forget the 1 on 1's, we play with army guns

Bullets block the sun, big revolver sh**

I cock back with a, force that'll tear you apart

Them bullets hit they mark

Put your a** in the dark

[Bridge: Vito La Bamba]

Sleep dis on Scotty, boy I'm on your top

Set him up with thots

Waiting at your door, with Berettas cocked

They gon k** a king? Must be smokin' rocks

b**h I got juice. No I'm not Pac

Talk to Scotty? You can find me at the spot

I'm in these streets and I'm lookin for Ops

See a Op, I'ma blow his top

(bop bop bop bop)

[Verse 8: 10 40 Shawty]

f** n***a can't score up on the benches

33 and got me feeling like I'm Pippen

Catch a body like I caught somebody slippin'

Get it? Like I caught somebody slippin'

n***as see me like they saw somebody different

Broke bodies don't get boughtup to existence

Told Scotty I don't need no co-existence

Cause I body everybody like there's no competition

Now say this sh** isn't scary

When you know a n***a coming, tryna get you buried

See I got a premonition, visionary

Put my dick up in your mouth, call it dictionary

I'll run up in your house, come out the b**h with Mary

I been playing cat and mouse, but this ain't Tom and Jerry

How the f** did you not know that I was automatic

f** around a throw my bows up, make this Armageddon

[Hook: Vito La Bamba]

And we ain't heard nothing bout you

These n***as is rappers, these n***as ain't savage

We'll send shots at you