vibrant shadows
under the tree

[I: pajuxy]

Money is the root of the problem, evil is just the dividend

People double dipping in from different ends

So money really does grow on trees, and so the branches told the leaves

Do as you are or you can stay

They fell to the ground and were blown by the breeze anyway

But yet the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

From mother's dungarees to the bottom of her daughter's denim jeans

A tree is known by its fruit produced

Tell your boy give it his all so the tree isn't always abused

Recycle your thoughts, reduce mistakes

So your frustration isn't always reused

Best things in life are free until money, s**, and power are introduced

So they asked what about the gold under the tree?

I said "Pardon me, but d**h k**s brothers by the threes"

Ignotus, did you notice sticks and stones can hurt me?

But never can these words, which I use to cloak thee

Benevolent botany in terms of the tree of life

Dichotomy of progeny on who planted the seed of strife