voter fraud

Yup that's right they stole another election

Our democratic soul lacks protection

Let's start the vivisection

It begins with ignoring votes of those with no affiliation

Npp's can actually vote on the president of our nation

It needs no explanation

All should be included in the conversation

Next deny as much possible participation

That's no exaggeration

Change millenials documentation

That was Bernie's foundation

That's some extreme deflation

Lastly change the machine's orientation

A genius means of reallocation

Thus the ballots need no malformation

A different type of mutation

Our votes faced augmentation

The IADE has done the calculation

I'm clouded by frustration

Lies are my provocation

Truth is my inspiration

Corruption is conflagration

We need emancipation

And voter confirmation

It's not about defamation

It's about democratic preservation

We must end this degradation

You've been spoofed disinformation

Let's have the vote face replication

To bring an end to fragmentation