vaga beatz
turn up


Try to slow my doe up - I'mma have to turn up!

Turn down for what - I'm about to turn up!

Drinkin til I throw up - I'm about to turn up!

Turn down for what - We about to turn up!

1st verse

If you haven't heard the latest Gore-illa is the greatest;

Greatest of the great and I'm not gonna debate it;

Act like you mad but you happy that we made it;

Just frustrated cause you think I'm overated;

I get so elated when I'm playin' wit the faders;

Haters can't stand that I'm smashin' while they date her;

Social on the network analyzing data;

All I know is up like a basement elevator;

Made up my mind, as long as I grind, I'm never gone loose;

Like a sedan I got up to speed and put it in cruise;

They slept on the bul, I ring the alarm they put it on snooze;

That's why I got rules, to choosi'n who's allowed in our crews;

I raised the bar, ain't too many that's fading ours;

Grown wit homes and amazing cars;

Never mind that got blazin' bars;

Still not a star but deserve applause;

Never gon pause til my life is stalled;

Peruvians know my flow is raw;

Flow to hard to disregard;

The problem is the main stream is brainwashed;

I'm not a conscience rapper but i think a lot;

A lot of rappers fakin' and they think they hot;

More game in my brain than a gamestop;


2nd verse

I walk into the place people noticing my face;

Cause I'm in the rat race givi'n you a taste;

I like to touch base cause I know you can relate;

24/7 gettin cake without a break;

24/7 think of moves I'mma make;

Travelling the states as I fluctuate my rate;

Without a record deal I'm not into getting raped;

Building my estate so my family is straight; Unhh!

I got real G's all up in my team;

I spit with more styles than tru religion jeans;

Catch the red eye to the Miami scene;

Ridin' jet skis with a gangsta lean;

Things'll change but as far as the rap game made the grade;

Some people criticize how hard I played;

But I'm already made, My bills are paid;

I'm already made my bills are paid;

A little off the top on the side a fade

DJ's playin' my hits on stage;

I think that's real lets turn the page;