uw battle league
tsu surf vs calicoe lyrics

[These lyrics are still being produced]

Tsu Surf: [Top of Round 1]


Calicoe: [Bottom of Round 1, 28:01]

Rajon, Rajon, Rajon

It's been a long time coming, n***a

Just keep it real, we in Jersey

Did you get yo gun in, n***a?

Cause' I know when we had the battles in Detroit I definitely got all of my guns in, n***a

But the difference is we in the same area where we got them guns here, n***a

Remember a couple of weeks ago, you called me extra-contract sayin'

"we can't speak on none of them legal issues"

Cause' you know I was gon' end you

But I had something in that contract too

I weren't rappin unless my gun got in the venue

Cause' who's to say Rajon won't act tough at home, and turn into a Supa n***a -

- and I'mma have to say "f** this battle!" and just shoot the n***a

n***a, I came all the way to your house to offend you

[turns to crowd]

I mean, if we was battling you wouldn't want me to talk about the money I lent you

But that sh** we can't speak about, is exactly what we gonna get into

Cause' taking the easy way out ouf a real situtation is not what men do

[crowd cheers]

Yeah, yeah.. This n***a first time here, he won't f** with y'all

Hypothetically speaking, I'mma talk to you

[turns to one crowd member]

Let's say a n***a gets caught a pistol, this one is simple

Tough at home, but on the phone n***a sounding so gentle

And you're supposed to be back in Chicago to take back a rental, instead you stay in yo city to bail that n***a out, that's just official

Now I ain't saying ya'll are the closest of friends, but you treat the situation like a n***a that you was kin to, cause you've been locked up before and that was one of the worst situations that you done been through, and he got outta jail and [?] f**ed you!

The type of sh** that makes you wanna break his jaws, wanna have phone conferences on the radio [turns to Surf]

n***a, I ain't even take his call cause' this battle is real, my n***a, it ain't fake at all

So did I speak on the situation or not - did I break the laws?

But in Detroit we got codes, we call it giving Drake a call

Cause' first they gonna start from the bottom

And nothing's gonna be the same after I make the call

[charges against Surf]

You a snitch, and a b**h, the type of n***a that gets the jects involved

He might testify against me on my case after I take his dogs

Gloves and revolvers

n***a, I ain't leaving a trace at all

Mate, call all your b**hes before you die

I'mma step ahead of the forensics, trynna trace the cause

But face it, dog

You thought you could eat off of me

And then you noticed I'm not for lunch

Scheme, I put yo team in a box like they was trynna block a punch

Shoutout to my acting bad-n***as, I could've went to Michigan state, or probably UVM

Instead I'm out of town with Michigan plates

Like give me two of them

Matter of fact, I got a couple of racks on me

Give me a few of them

Cause' when I get back to the D, I know exactly what to do with them

Ya'll think I give a f**, when I'm on my knuckles robbing n***as

Is you with them?

n***a, that's the first thing we ask when we walk in, n***a:

Is who/Tsu with them?

f**, I gotta put in a subtitle or something?

n***a, that's the first thing we was asking when we was walking in, n***a:

Is Tsu with them?!

But he the type of n***a on Instagram, on some "I'm living so lavish"-sh**

And ends up getting smacked with the burner for not having sh**

Not so tragic switch, cause you gon' get yo cabbage split

The goons feel me

When yo be robbing n***as for nothing, you'll be mad as sh**

You 'bout to get stuck up, homes

But you a average b**h, I had to bring in Social Security since you the baddest crip/Crip

Behind this Tsu-surface

No, n***a, I said I'm gonna sue surface, tooth bursting

Clap both of y'all, now y'all need two herses

Scalpel from his head to his chin

Boy, I'm a true surgeon

Everybody wanna be big/B.I.G, until they in that blue Bourbon

I don't disrespect vets

So rest in peace, B.I.G

I know B.I.G died in a green truck, but he a Crip right

So he fakin' now?

Well I'mma make sure they all in that C-section when they take him out

These guns ain't leaving no chicken pox when we break em' out

You ain't have no plans after eight? You better make em' now

That's being C, cause' when they pull up inside that GMC

Jumps out asking questions and shootin, they ain't TMZ

This battle on steroids, I wrote this sh** that a Genius see

This battle on steroids, I wrote this sh** in a G and C