the up

I can't stand to watch the six o'clock news

It's enough to give an average, sensitive person the blues.

Can't get it up

I don't know about commercial appeal

But what you put in your head

Just can't help affect how you feel

So lets keep it up

Prophets of doom try to capture you

They get around like the asian flu,

But they can't get me

Because i go for the up

I'm on the up side

I look for the up (that down just ain't my style)

I go for the up

I'm hooked on the up

I'm on the upswing (i got my sights set high)

I go for the up

What's the point of standing out in the rain,

What's the sense of looking down,

It just gives your shoulders a pain

Can't get it up

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy

If you look for the worst then that's just

What it turns out to be

So keep looking up

The fickle finger just may point your way

It touches someone different every day,

But it can't touch me

Because i go for the up

And everybody's yelling at me to get back in line,

And they say i'm crazy,

But still they have their sessions of deep depressions,

But it can't get me

Because i go for the up