sick pa**ion

You smell incredible

Your skin is totally white

I’m happy to lay with you

We’ve met at the party

I still don’t know how I got there

You were standing alone

So lost and helpless

You make me shiver

Oh, I’m so excited

Excuse me, can I take you away?

My curse, my bless

My sick pa**ion

Your eyes are blue like the sky

Your hair is soft like silk

I f**ing admire you

I took you to my house

Your strong body makes me sweat

The beauty that no woman can have

Oh, you’re the s**iest guy I’ve ever met

Then I took my scarf

Wrapped it around your neck

Your eyes roll back

Life slowly flows out of your body

For five days you laid under the floor

Then I took you out – I was alone

Scenes of normal life with a corpse

I’ve made some funny pictures of us

Then we took a bath – need to be clean

We had s** so much I’ve lost some weight

It’s pity that you rot

My curse, my bless

My sick pa**ion

I love you all

Though, it’s never enough

I want some more of dead men’s flesh

Again and again