unfathomable ruination
carved inherent delusion

Mash-up in the roots of fear

Which applied conjure insanity torn in sight

Mind hoar gave this syndrome a false, evocative name

Diseased, infected breed

Un-precedent opportunity to be heard by its original case of disease


Especially hostile to abhorrent terms

Exacerbated protests


The neuronal sewer

Contemptuously agreed

Upholders of authority

To what need it can be brought to life

It belongs to all who already have, word and mind manufacture

Objurgated by own rivals out of circulation thrusts

Worlds demise for cognitive novelty and congenital eccentricity.

All epochs of insanity a living language is finally tyranny

Burning it

A living instability

An abhorrent and horrific term

Reproach, repress the conflict within

Inclined to believe it belongs to you

With word and mind

A living language is finally free

The will to repress

Often inclined to submit our genocide

Between authority and independence

As continuously stigmatizes our carved congenital delusion

Vehement and vociferous in demand

Often inclined to believe the power to forbid

All innovation