mindset interlude


Kanye West Grammy Speech


I feel like David in the bible

Slinging with the words while they copy like a recital

Tryna do what i do? Na n***a you should free your mind

My enemies go lieth in the gardens when they see the signs

Read between the lines, I'm a kid from the projects

A lab experiment to the government, was a subject

Till i got dropped like I didn't make the team list

Now i keep em guessing with the records they ain't seen sh**

Tryna be it, like the opposite of tag

My mind gets sharper every time i take a drag

Puff puff pa** with my boy Mase Fash

He been with me from the start so we got each others backs, let it pa**

I make my own trends never follow one

The strength of Samson and the wisdom of Solomon

Rookie in the game but i'm rapping like the older ones

The young kid still got green like he Yoda son

Police hold a gun to the head of my people

They keep k**ing like our skin was illegal

It's evil you need to tell me what and what should we do

Reality is clear but that fake sh** is see through

Now lets evaluate the prophecy

We stand up for our rights so that they can treat us properly

I understand we in the pockets of democracy

I'm asking all theses questions but i know that's just philosophy

And honestly I'm thinking when the change gon come

They tried to keep us quiet so they made Obama run and he won

But honestly the pain goes on, i'm just tryna make ya'll think in the same damn song

Damn, so imma keep spitting

So imma keep dropping verses that aren't written

This is my soul tryna put a little thought in your mindset