u t k
paul bearer

Chizzle - Paul Bearer (Produced by U.T.K.)

The modern day Martin Luther puffin on a Newport palming on a ruger/waitin for a superman to show I'm lex Luther/Servin fireballs Mario I'm king koopa the starship trooper/boxes don't exist to me bobbing to this god given symphony plotting on every dolla that was meant for me/avenging every day spent without a dime/turn your ole happy day into columbine/max level rebel entering the sky box/sending down d**h stares like I'm cyclops/check my resume it states that I been a beast/spitting birds get em cashville ten a key/I'm Shang tsung that's a boss who could switch it up/I'll make your bank account vomit n***a give it up/you try to front I'm slamming on em wit Shaquille power/This wolverine Glock 40 givin steel showers/I got em waking up from dreams in a cool sweat/I'm lining rappers for dinner n***a who's next/them boys sweet chin music like a superkick/I'm stone rock bottoms put a end to sh**/

It's well known that Im raw I'ma eight ball/c**aine in the kitchen ima cake boss/this briefcase full of Mills ima cash cow/it's homicide soon as I pull the mask down/

You lookin dead in the eyes of a Paul Bearer/Dead in the eyes of a Paul Bearer/Dead in the eyes of a Paul Bearer/oh yes the undertaker

I got sh** locked/Who you know keep the sh** fresher than a ziplock/put me at the tip top/every lil tick tock goin on your wrist watch/is tellin you it's my time why cause I'm this hot/mouth to mausberg this is how you lick shots/Deebo even punk in n***as out they piss pot/jump bad I can make it 21 jump street/dump heat like I'm Pat Riley using amnesty/blackjack 21 the dealer til his chips gone/Detroit watch a whole palace get pist-on/artwork b**h I been painter since a mid teen/Warhol turn a blank canvas to miskeen/box out paint me in a corner imma jab more/Ali rope a dope production til it's abs sore/get lost n***as like you don't belong here/I do lounging on the throne like a lawn chair/tip toe betta tread light when the sharks out/kimbo slice the competition leave em chalked out/usain Boltin thru the track betta catch up/fess up I'm the real deal y'all dress up/yessir take a lot more to impress us/hush that I don't wanna hear bout who next up/go get bulletproof gear from the neck up/test us targets get picked from the chest up/west up drop a dub on em like its game time/Sho nuff kiss the chuck Taylor or I break spines/your luck ran into a wall on the crash course/your done cue the rigamortis body bag corpse/