robbie d

Verse 1

The Dj lights shining on your face (the lights of the club are showing her face in the darkness making her very visible)

Got your patron on the rocks while you rock that ba** (she is drinking patron while she dances to the music)

I got a brand new mission (His aim for the night is to get with this girl)

Just give me permission (He wants her to want him and let him get her)

Home base (Sex) Gonna Chase (He won't stop trying )

Til we're back at my place (he won't stop trying until his mission is accomplished)

Verse 2

Dam she fine, so divine

There's a goddess in the club gonna make her mine (He is comparing her beauty to that of a goddess and he needs to get with her)

Lovely lips, holy hips

Every man that sees her f**ing trips (every guy that sees her goes crazy for her)

And I need her love (He needs to make love to her)

Take me above (He means climax)

Pre Chorus

If she was mine life would be heaven (Her beauty is equal to that of a goddess therefore if he had her forever life would be as if he is living in heaven)


You're built like a Goddess (Her features are perfect; as if they were made for a goddess)

Show me the light in the middle of the night (He means to expose herself to him while they spend the night)

Show me your love take me above (Give him all of her getting him high off her s**)

You are a goddess

Verse 3

Dam those curves, Oh that figure

Hard to get getting on my nerves (She is hard to get and it is aggravating him)

Come to me, you will see

Baby girl I'll guarantee that you need my love (Now he is promising her that if she spends the night with him she will need him)