reza kerbelai
h town feat elena marie

Shoutout to H-Town!

[Verse 1]

I finally got enough of the «stop saying this ‘cause you ain't gonna do that sh**”

I hope that you know I am only doing this for me

And I'd like to call it practice

I am clear that some of my dreams are larger than me

So please tell me why I really should care when all y'all underestimate what I'm cable of

Now I'm here and I'll prove for y'all soon that the star soon will be mine!

Please cut the crap and shut the f** up!

I used to brag about how terrible things used to be when I were a sh** kid just to get sympathy

How can it be possible that I didn't noticed it before now?

Well, f** that. Our lifes goes on, and I finally can say:



I gon' take over the world and my city


It's the reason why I'm rapping, dawg!


You might be messing with the wrong homeboy!

[Verse 2]

Let us turn time back to those days when we were youths

Comparing to me I probably were largest of them all

I thought that I had control and ruled the schoolyard like I was a king

But the thing was that most of my friends back then just laughed and said “Reza, you should be ashamed!”

(we're skipping that part, right?)

Currently I see hoes for sale, the same old hoes that wrecked me in the middle school

Y'all thought that was cool, huh?

Guess what. When I'm on the stage or on your playlist in your phone, I am look down on all y'all s**ers

(even them boys)

So, since I've made myself sure that you now know who I am, we can take the hook once again



I gon' take over the world

And my city


It's the reason why I'm rapping, dawg!