reezy ree
ascension day

Verse 1 ( by Reezy Ree)

Starring at this n***as, me so elevating

Rock star element n***a um entertaining

Um reigning, um taking, anti-faking

Wanna look at this rappers I'm ask whats 4 baking

Reezy... the marvelous, super hero dangerous

I combine stars, call me expendables

Lyrics so sharp... Katana um a Samurai

Kamikaze homie, destructive like a gamma ray

Um a definition of a wise say

(Wise Say)

Um taken, um saken, um hated

Been loved by the few but I kip overtaking

Were my n***as at... Its Ascensions Day... Hey!

Chorus (2DOPE)

Watch me as I rise

Its Ascensions Day

Rise high

Now haters hate

Nu Stars, changing the game

All that none - sense, I don't hear

Watch me, watch me, watch me as I rise *3

Its Ascensions Day...

Verse 2 ( by 2-Dope)

I show up in the game with a tendency

Ascending to the throne wanna get the ascendancy

So laborious this ain't the legacy

Making love to the beat no abstainancy

Never dodge my work in my record no truancy

True blue 2DOPE remain to the game

G shock ticktock shocking them doubters

They wish to see me fall

Hate to see me ball

Angel wings on my back watch me as i accede

So fly so far that's where i am heading

Marvel Gs in the game yeah we leading

Ambitious me making haters fell so sicker

Seeping on that miller got my flow so iller

Got me rocking Gucci with my girl flower tucci

The need for the guap all i need is mullah

Reezy lets make a k**ing hip hop spitting

Let them gossiper gossip for tomorrow they will worship

Now all i got say is watch me as i rise

Rising to the sky

Homie we flying high over the ozone