panda freestyle


Iz a n***a really trip?!

Trip, trip

Triple OG in the hood


This should be addressed!

Saint Nick, this is Saint Nick oh yes!

(Birth name boy, your worth k**in' for. Worth going to hell for)

Work work work work work work

Whippin' up that bird-day, whippin' up that word aye

And uh, we get lifted

The sick sh** is I go by QWEEZii

Let me reintroduce myself, you use ta

[Verse 1]

Claim you ain't need me but now here we are uh, look

Uh I give um' a where hook and they love it

Cuz I'm delirious, MR. Crookedy, Jesse

Just call me Jesse

I'm the referee and that's my specialty

Crack music n***a, agh f**en blacks use it

On my cock, coul' give a fuxk if that acid

You f**en asinine, you asinine you motherf**er

Oh yeah, while I get pa**ed that 9

And unload the clips I guess

Because I already known the sh**s before I was known to rip

Off these microphones and I swear to God man

What, these microphones it feels like

My dam home


And I don't give a fuxk, I'm not confided holmes

I got my own bat uh

They call me Mister Lone Wolf, I bleed my own pack

The fuxk do you want from me you rat-pack


& sometimes I don't know how I do it

But I swear to God I do's it

Uh, n***as cling ooze clips

[Verse 2]

Well ooze clips, well say I could feel that's the cool sh**

The coolest, the coolest, I feel that real blue ighh

I'm getting real, sick in my head

I get it until I, uh feel sick oh yea

With some dreads, I could getaway I could

I could getaway

And now I'm subscriptin' WORD!

Put me on Tim Westwood so I coul' do it

Um That's where the best could and I ooouuu

I feels like I'se that

And I'se the Knight wrapped

Up feelin' like, Mary Jane Mary Jane

Y'all don't give a fuxk bout ugh

Ashtrays all I really want is ugh

(Ash), big a** blunt

Dipped in that some some honey

That's all I want man my honey

I'mma bum-bel-bly on the track

And uh

Enough, I need that back

Send back send back, I need that back to back

Coul' ya, coul' could ya, we'll play that back to back

Cuz n***a agh

[Verse 3]

b**h, b**h I love you

Um From the 646 crew

Uh You coul' love me or hate me

Uh and these d** on the daily

Uh but they ain't really d**

I don't let it phase me

I be on my AZ

I be on my JAY Z

You be on yo lazy

Boy my n***as Swayze

Them n***as ain't so Swayze both Swayze

Both Swayze

f** you wanna go krazy

And I go crazy, they swear they call me kwayze

WTF?! A-League

Uh I just wanna be considered alien

And they got me running against myself

Uh Gunz, N my host and not my belt

Said f** you pig n***a

Uh cuz, I'm ill

Jig like a saw, puzzled

And I figure that's my uh stunt double

Tryna double cross me n***a uh


Animal on tracks

Watch my handles b

n***a got handles, ammo E